Friday, 20 July 2018


There are several ways to get help. Depending on the type of help you are looking for, please contact the appropriate person as recommended below.

If you're a member of a committee or a chairperson:
Please contact your secretariat. Your secretariat is able to do the following:
  • Guide you on how to update your status
  • Guide you on how to do searching
  • Create subcommittees
  • Reset your password
  • Add new members to the committee
  • Remove members from the committee
  • Set the role of members in the committee
  • Manage email templates for the committee
  • Manage decisions
  • Manage projects for the committee
  • Distribute approved minutes


If you're a secretariat:
Please contact your first level of technical support (eg. MyMeeting superadmin, server admin, etc).  MyMeeting superadmin can do the following:
  • Create new committees
  • Add new user
  • Manage titles (eg. Tan Sri, En, Pn, etc)
  • Manage global to-dos
  • Manage job grades
  • Manage global email templates
Server admin can do the following:
  • Set appropriate directory permission
  • Upgrade MyMeeting
  • Backup & restore MyMeeting


If you're a superadmin or a secretariat:
1. Email to OSCC helpdesk your questions (with screenshot if any).Choose

2. Subscribe to MyMeeting mailing list. Details here.Choose
     Discuss among the MyMeeting developers and users online.

3. IRCChoose
     Chat online with the MyMeeting developers in OSCC chatroom.